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View of Orosei

What Can You Do in Orosei

Diving is awesome, is fun, we know. But however a dive can be a little less than an hour long, and even if you manage to do do many dives you will have anyways plenty of free time, and Sardinia Divers its here to help you to make it a good holyday trip even out of the water.

We are locals, and we know the best spots for every time of the day and every type of person, so here is the list, write it down, take a screenshot of it, because is going to save your holyday.

In The Morning

Maybe is the rest day, or maybe you have the plane in the afternoon, in both situations you aren't diving and don't know what to do in the morning, every morning has to start with a breakfast if you are planning to go the Marina di Orosei Beach we suggest you to have it directly there in the Moletto Bistrot and Beach Bar that its just a few steps from the beach and there you can consume your morning coffe accompained with one of their homemade pastry, an then you will be ready to enjoy your day in our beautiful beaches.


If you are still unsure of what to do during the day you can have your breakfast in a bar in the center of orosei that is just a few steps colse from every hotel and B&B, and we are talking about Gelateria Smeralda, a family managed bar that opened in the 90s and since then has been the favourite spot for the locals and the tourist for consuming their breakfast before dtarting their day, like the name says they are an Icecream shop and they make the best atrtisian icecream in the zone that could be a solution to deal with the hot sardinian summer afternoons.

Okay so now you are ready to start the day. Where could you possibly go?

like we suggested earlier, Marina di Orosei beach is as solution, it is an 8km long beach that due to its big dimensions never gets crowded even in super busy days.


Breackfast in the beach

Another destination that is just 20 minutes by car or bus is the Oasi of Biddersosa, a hidden pearl of Orosei, so beautiful that they called it an oasis, This place is a closed number beach, that has been a hoice of the local authorities, to preserve the intimacy of this place and limit the enviornemental impact left by the public, this is also a car or motorcycles lmited area, so the only way to get here is by walking and 

Oasi di Bidderosa picture

leaving the car outside.

All five coves are characterized by very white sand and granite rocks that emerge from the water, offering the splendid, typically Sardinian landscape to which we are accustomed. The beaches have a generally shallow seabed, as in most of the coves in this stretch of Sardinia: also ideal for families with children, who can comfortably play in the water without fear of finding the water too high. These seabeds are also excellent for all those who want to relax with snorkelling.


just behind the beach you will find peace from the sun under the shade of the beautiful junipers that characterizes all of the east coast of Sardinia.

In particular, on beaches 2 and 5 you have the possibility of renting umbrellas and deckchairs and sports equipment to visit the rest of the oasis: bicycles, canoes, kayaks etc.

Furthermore, always on these beaches, there are also refreshment points and picnic areas. Useful solutions for all those who want to stay for the whole day and want a more comfortable place to have lunch. These two coves can be reached via the convenient shuttle service, active from the car park. For those looking for a wilder environment - typical of Sardinia - oases 1, 3 and 4 are completely devoid of services, apart from chemical toilets which are present in all areas. Generally the first two beaches are always the most crowded. For a quieter place, opt for the last beaches, further from the car park but certainly quieter.

Full Day Activities

In the summer Orosei it's full of full day activities and we suggest you the main two companies that can help you with that. 

The first one is Oltremare Orosei   oltremare is a company that specialize in guided boat trips and smaller boat rental, since 1998 it has the most succesful business in boat trips in the whole territory, now we will tell you what the opportunities with them are:

Boat Rental, okay this is the services for the ones that would like a really customizable and intimate trip, with this service you will rent a 40hp power boat (the leagal boat power limit for no need of a license )that will be about 5 meters long, that is the ideal lenghts to comfortably carry a maximum of 8 people, befpre leaving the harbour one of their highly trained staff members will give you a briefing on how to safely conduct a boat, and all the guidelines to enjoy your trip with safety and fun. 

The other service it's the guided boat trip, you will be on a bigger and

guided boat trip with oltremare

more comfortable boat in a mixed group of 12 people, plus you will have one of their local and experienced skippers that will guide you through the full trip of every beach of the Gulf, explaining what is what, giving you a different perspective to look this already amazing place.

in the high season due to its high quality service, maybe you will not find availability, that's why we suggest you to book in advance.

Hikers in Pedra Longa


Eventhough, Orosei has an amazing coast not many knows that the in land part is breathtaking as well, due to its perfectly preserved wilderness, super green vegetation, unbothered wildlife, and the native sardinians that has habited the mountains for centuries.

Just like the underwater world the we love so much, is beautiful but exploring it has risks, that's whay you need Divemaster and Instructors.

The exact same thing is for exploring mountains, you need a expert and qualified guide that knows and it's expert about the hiking trails of the territory, that is why we warmly suggest you: Las Janas, leading company for everything about hiking and mountain-related experiences, that offers a variety off services from the simplest that could be a hike, to a trip on the jeep ending maybe with a dinner with the natives, having a taste of our sardinian homemade food, in the houses that we used to live in.

Where To eat

Il Moletto Restaurant and Beach Bar, already mentioned  before, it's perfect if you want to taste traditional dishes, tatseful fish and 0km products, in a restaurant, unique in his genre trough all the coastline you can come here.

Here on top of the Big and delicious dishes, you will find a menù full of choices that that will satisfy each of your needs.

The restaurant it's open since the early morning, startin with the breakfasts becoming the starting point for every dive and boat excursion in the Gulf of Orosei. And going on later with  relaxing drinks on the beach or garden that will depend or your preference. 

These will be suceeded by the lunch that is composed by both more sophisticated and complex dishes, to light and fast snacks.

This place is a classic when it comes to the globally known italian "Aperitivo" offering on top of a long list of drinks also, identitary cocktails, meaning the usual know cocktails but mixed with local an homemade spirits and liquors, giving it the native identity to them. the best thing about that is that you can enjoy them during the beautiful "Golden Hour" comfortably seated in an armachair watching the setting sun giving a purple-ish colors to the sea.

And to put the word end at the day, this is one of the best places to do it, they offer really intimate and convivial dinners, to escape the chaos of the busy summer, while you can admire the moon shine over the sea. 

And we assure once you come here you'll do anything to come back. But reading about it ain't enough so we will leave here some pictures of it and confirm what we just said

The Pub Gasoline is a big name when you talk about pubs and bars in Orosei, has been the destination of many locals to drink their beer after work, for the tourist to grab a fresh drink in a hot day at the beach and for the motorcylist as a pit stop for thei lon two wheels roadtrips, in fact that's the style of the bar, when you enter it gives you that sort of "Roadtrip in California" vibes, the Pub is located just at the beginning of the Marina di Orosei beach at the end of Via del Mare, and it has a really warm and welcoming atmosphere, but this place is not just for drinks , in fact in the last years it has became one of the city best palces to eat pizza, and in italy you can't go somewhere they make a bad pizza so chose a place like this one, and you are not going to regret it, sometimes if you hang around with us for a while we organzie nights where crew members and customers can have a pizza and a chat all toghether, relaxig after a long day.


Da Mario is a fine restaurant more dinner Oriented, it's located in Via Del Mare just a few hundred meters after the bank

but it has a sign "Da Mario" on the outside so it's relatively easy to recognize.

The structure is divided in two parts one closed on the inside, and one that is on a closed balcony, this place is specialized in everything that is italian cuisine, making elegant looking and tasteful dishes.

this is the perfect place for couples or soon to be ones, it's really intimate and elegant, and that makes it the ideal place to leave a good impression on someone or just spend a pleasing night with your significant other

During the Night

Maybe you are looking for a drink after dinner before going back to your hotel/apartament, or maybe you thinkthe night has just begun and you don't know where to go, even in these situations Sardinia Divers got your back so here is a list of the Orosei nightlife Hotspots.

Bar Yesterday, this is a must either if it is just a drink or the beginning of a memorable night, here is where all the guys and girls from 18 to 25-30 years old go, every summer night, there is always a crowded and friendly enviorment, and usually every friday and saturday the bar management organizes parties with loud music until late night, almost like an occasional disco, locating it, is really easy it's just at the beginning of Via Nazionale the main street of Orosei, going towards Piazza Del Popolo. So if you are looking for some fun and some friends this is the place.


S'Isula, After 3 am almost every bar in the center of Orosei like the Yesterday closes, so if at that time you see a migration of tens people in one, same direction, they are all probably going to S'isula.

S'isula in English "The Island" like the name suggest is isolated from the center of Orosei, that allows it to not have any music restriction giving it the chance to stay open all night long, that's why all the guys and girls that don't want the night to finish that early go there, so they can still enjoy the company of their friends in a friendly atmosphere with some music in surround.

This is also the bar where the most epic parties have place, they invite bartenders and DJs, thatwith the crowd create the perfect mix for a unforgettable party, the music starts usually at 22, the people start arriving between midnight and 1am and from there on, it's all fun, dance an loud music all night long, to find this island of happines or you can follow the migration of people at late night, or you keep going towards the Pub Gasoline, and when on the right you see a big garden with a bar and table you are finally there.



Beach Parties, this is not something with a specific location or date, during the summer often, on a short term notice will be organized by huge groups of people parties on the beach, from late night till sunrise, with loud music and drinks and tons of friends to meet, but for that you have to ask around and see if there is something coming soon

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