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Asking questions is a good thing and is normal, especially in activities that has risks like scuba diving, and having them answered by a Dive professional that knows what he or she us talking about can help you getting through the scuba diving experiences in a more fun and self concious way.

Often, especially novices to diving ask the same or almost identical question, that's why we have summed up the most asked question that you can learn from, but for any doubt do not hesitate to contact us .


For the dives do i have to bring/buy my own equipment?

No, every dive program that we offer is with tank, weights, full equipment  and guide/instructor included in the price, if you have your own equipment there will be a discount on the price.

Can my 9 years old scuba dive or he is to young?

Absolutely... YES!! the first scuba dive certification has the age limit of 10 years of age, but we also offer PADI programs like the PADI Seal Team and the PADI Bubblemaker that start at the age of just  years of age, they will obviusly be in more shallow water and a extremely controlled enviorment, that is perfect for that age.

How many hours i have to wait after i land with the plane, to be able to dive?

Zero, the less expert often hear something about the No-Flight time in scuba diving, without documenting themselves properly.

the so called No-Fly time is the time that has to pass from your last dive to your flight and not the other way around, and that changes based on how many and what types of dives you do. Just tell us when you have the flight and we will schedule the program in a way that you will not encounter any risks

Me/my son has physical limitations for various reason, can we still scuba dive?

Yes, But... you should show proof of a medical clearance that makes you, in your conditions elegible to practice specifically the activity of scuba diving and it has to be written on it. Confront your doctor, and he will indicate you the best path to follow.

When you will get the clearance come to us and we will discuss the best options available, we have trained personell that can conduct programs for individuals that range from suffering of total blindness, to amputees or inable of the proper use of arms and legs.

Is Dyslexya an issue in scuba diving courses?

No, it is just something that requires a different approach for the teaching part, maybe instead of reading the e-learning, we can solve the problem by using in-class explanations, and we have an equipped classrom with witheboard an TV to make everything more easier and understandable.


Someone in the spectrum is excluded from scuba diving?

NO! Exclusion is a word that we hate, diving is for everyone literally, obviusly there will be individuals that will need a different approach or more attention, but that is just to give the same fun experience to everyone using different methods.

Not only that but studies have shoun that scuba diving can be a beneficial activity for the individuals in the spectrum, improvng social skills, reducing anxiety, and enhancing sensory integration. But like always the best idea is to discuss that with your phisycian and after his clearence will be happy to give the most suitable experience for the individual.

I had a surgery, can I dive?

Depends, on what type of surgery you had, how long ago, how invasive, how did you recover from it. The best advice we can give you is to contact your physician and discuss with him, after you will get the medical clearence we will be happy to bring you diving!

I want to try scuba diving but I have no one to try with, how can I do?

Who said you needed someone to try to dive, and even if you don't this is one of the activities, if not the activity where yo make the most friends, there is nothing more fun than meeting someone that is doing your same course, it's excited for the same dive, exchanging the pictures you took underwater, filling the logbook pages together. But also divemaster and instructors can be your friends, of course you have to listen to them during the dive activities because they are stll professionals, but after that hearing stories from more experienced divers that did the same path you are taking, is  memorable experience.

So don't worry to not having nobody to dive with, come to our dive centers and embrace the warm and friendly atmosphere of thedive family.

For any other medical related questions check out DAN website.

For pure scuba diving question contact us here

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