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Scuba divers are know all over the world for being big travellers and adventurous people, and being scuba diers ourselves we can totally confirm, but what's worst than having to spend the time of your so awaited holiday ot trip that you saved money on, trying to figure out what there is to do where you are.

Sardinia divers has operated in the territory for more than 15 years and the ones who manage it are people that has spent their whole life in Sardinia and more specifically in the Gulf of Orosei, so we, more than anyone else know what there is to do here.

for that reason we spent some time putting togheter packages collaborating with trusted companies so you don't have to think about anything except for bragging with your friends how cool your trip to Sardinia was.

Okay so you know already you are comig to Sardinia to go all in with scuba diving, to be honest we can't blame you, for this reason we designed "Dive In", a package that starts at the booking of the fifth dive, there you will get a 5% discount and every dive after that will be another 1%, so 7 dives will be a 7% discount, ten dives 10% and so on until 30 dives. For the courses it's similar after the first course if you do the second one straight away you will get a 10% off on that one, and 20%off on the third one. 

Dive In

If you book will just have to buy the flight tickets and come to Orosei, we think about everything else.

Here you will have a Giojas apartament for three nights right in the center of Orosei, in this way you will be close to everithing you might need.

The first day you will have a dive with us in the beautiful Sardinian underwater world,

with our professional guides that will bring you and show you the best spot that Sardinia has to offer and after that you will not want to take that wetsuit off no more, but you will have to because the day after you will go on a guided boat trip in the breathtaking, Gulf of Orosei, with Oltremare a company that has navigated it for over 25 years becoming the most succsesful boat touring business in the territory. After the end of the dive day and the boat excursion there is no better way to finish the day if not having an excellent dinner from one of the best kitchen that Orosei has to offer, because when we said that we would think about everything else, we were also talking about having two dinners in the Moletto Bistrot and Beach Bar, one of the finest restaurants in the territory that it's located just 50 meters from the beach, and 5 minutes by car from your apartament. And after these day you will wish that you had time for more

Three Days Holyday

Seven Days Holyday

Can't accept to be tight with the time? we understand you, this place is so magical that a lifetime wouldn't be enough to see every aspect of it, but us of Sardinia Divers will do everything in our control to show you the most that we can starting giving you a 7 days overnight stay in Giojas Apartaments, then we will fill 3 of those seven days with diving so you wil have more time to see our Wrecks, underwater galleries and the beautiful marine life that charachterizes Sardinia, one day will be spent on a boat tour in the Gulf of Orosei with Oltremare, going to see cristal clear waters, huge overhang walls that drop straight into the tourquoise sea, and a beautiful green vegetation that decorate our mountains.

Talking about mountains, not many knows that Sardinia it's known also by the hikers and climbers community for his beautiful trails, mountains and the native people that live in them, that's why on one day we have put an experience with  Las Janas  leading company in the territory for everything about hiking, jeep trips and sharing the beautiful native culture that is the Heart of Sardinia. Three of these seven days will have a dinner at the Moletto Bistrot and Beach Bar.

After all of this we left you a day to relax and explore orosei with your own pace and we will hope that you will appreciate what this magical place has to offer 

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