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divemaster showing tanks to divers



As yo can probly tell, us of Sardinia Divers transformed our biggest passion in our job, and very few things are as rewarding as seeing someone with a "Ear to Ear" smile, after YOU guided them through what will be one of the most memorable experience they have ever done.

If you cannot picture yourself, working anywhere alse but in the scuba diving industry, and you think you are ready to take the big step,  the Divemaster course is where all the professional careers in scuba diving starts.

In this course you will learn what is and how to be a role model to divers younger or less experienced than you, you will practice your rescue skills that you have learned in your Rescue Diver course, you will go more in depth about the diving theory, the phyiscs and the equipment in diving. You will become a dive guide (yes like the one that led all of your previous dives) and you will be able to assist Scuba Intructors during their courses.

The Padi Divemaster course it's a lifechanging experience, and will completely change the way you always have saw scuba diving, and we will be happy to guide you trough this amazing experience.

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