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Exclusive Services

Tender going towards a super yacht

Discretion and Professionalism, these two are the key words for the Sardinia Divers Exclusive Service, with their highly trained employees Sardinia Divers offers a High Tier diving service completely customizable based on the guest's needs.

Here below are listed the services.

Each and every of this type of services will be handled with the maximum discretion and will have the priority on every other service, we offer short-notice operation and long distance services.

Here are listed some of the ways the services can be developed.

Instructor on Board

Many people like to do scuba diving courses with strangers to make friends, some not. for the ones that don't, we offer an Instructor only for the single guest or guests, if  they are more than one, that will  teach privatly every theory lesson, confined water and open water sessions, the guests can choose if they want to attend the course in our beach (for the confined water) and from our boat (for the open water sessions), or if the boat has an enough deep pool for the confined water sessions and they want to do the open water session from their own boat, we'll send a certified PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor on board with all the gear needed for the guests (if needed) for all the time the guest/s need to be certified

Private Dives

Like the Scuba Diving courses we offer a private dive service, even on short-notice and long distances our personell will take the guest/s on our boat with all the gear they need and suggest them all the options available and once they choose the dive site an Instructor will guide them underwater to guarantee their safety and the best experience.

if the guest/s choose to use their tender we can send an Instructor or the guest's boat crew can come and take the instructor with them with all the gear if needed

Try Dives

For something so important and delicate as the first scuba diving experience the attention to the guest/s is fundamental, and we are ready to offer that, we have highli qualified instructors that will think about the customer safety and enjoiment, and that only, that will be his priority until the serviced has been completed, like all the other services the gear is included

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